Maintaining our Inheritance - Building Repair Projects
Our church building is a wonderful place to worship. Constructed in a cathedral style it is ornately decorated with beatiful woodwork and stonework. Our building is also rapidly approaching 100 years in age. The building was constructed by the most capable of craftsmen and has maintained integrity for all of those years. However, there are aspects to any building that require attention no matter the construction of the building. St George's is blessed to have a number of parishoners that have the skills to perform many of the small and large repair projects as they present themselves.

Currently the building's heating system is in need to renewal. Work on this project is under way and soon to be completed. Click here for more pictures of the boiler room while the boiler replacement is in progress.

Old Boilers to be Removed        New Boilers Installed      New Boilers Exhaust Pipes Added

Recently the contractor was in to start the new boilers. We are happy to report that all boilers started and ran for a brief period with no issues. As we are into the summer season, they cannot officially "commission" the units. When the fall heating season returns, the official commissioning will take place.

As this project winds to a close, the Wardens are taking the opportunity to clean out the boiler room. One of the hazzards identified in the this area is the amount of "stuff" that is lying about on the floor. In an effort to clean up and make the room safe a number of items will be tossed out and others organized.

One of the items that will stay and be organized is the scaffolding that is used to maintain our building. Below is a picture showing the result of this organizing effort. The Wardens wish to thank a member of the parish for having the red brackets fabricated for this work.

For more information about the project, please contact any of the Churchwardens, or the Rector. To support this or any other project as we repair and renew St George's Church make a donation to the project through the office.

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