The Bible tells of people meeting and being changed by Jesus Christ. When they met him, He so affected them that they felt their lives were turned in a radical new direction and they found their lives had more depth and meaning and purpose. People celebrated that turning and the change in their lives through a public statement and a public washing that dramatically enacted their sense that their life had begun anew.

When we are baptized in the Church today we celebrate God's love and grace active in our lives. The main New Testament images associated with Baptism are:
Turning: repentance of sin
Washing: cleansing from sin
Death: dying to our past and a link to Jesus' death on the Cross
Resurrection: rising to new life, rebirth
Getting dressed: putting on Christ
Taking light: bearing Christ's light in and to the world

These images are an integral part of the baptismal service. Their meaning and significance will be explained during a time of preparation for baptism.

In the early Church a period of preparation for baptism was normal. Here at St. George's, we also observe this time of preparation. In the case of infants this preparation will be for parents and Godparents of the child. There will be three (3) sessions and a rehearsal a day or two before the baptism. Preparation includes teaching and discussion on the meaning of Baptism, the responsibilities of church membership, and Christian parenting. Preparation of Adults for Baptism will incorporate some of the above with additional emphasis on living as a Christian and incorporating the Faith into your life.

As a part of Baptismal preparation it is expected that either the candidate for baptism or the parents of an infant candidate will participate in the worship life of the congregation prior to baptism. Baptism involves belonging to a congregation, and public promises of faithfulness to God and the Church by the baptismal candidates and/or their families. It is the Church's desire that those who make these promises are comfortable with the congregation in which they are seeking membership and that they be fully informed of the commitment they are making. This process happens over time.

If the parents of a child do not honestly intend to continue to worship regularly with the child, they are urged to postpone baptism until they are prepared to undertake a Christian lifestyle of worship and prayer.

The Date and Time of Baptism
Baptism normally takes place during the Sunday morning Eucharist. An appropriate date can be selected in conjunction with the Rector.

Emergency Baptism is available any day or time if it is known that the person involved is dying.

What to do first
Come to church! Worship God! If you have questions, please ask Pastor Judy, there is no obligation! If you decide baptism is right for you, Baptismal applications are available from Pastor Judy following Sunday morning worship. Fill out and return the application the following week. Pastor Judy will then arrange to meet with you and explain the preparation process. At this meeting you will have an opportunity to ask questions and make some initial plans. In the case of infants, we encourage you to arrange this meeting so that both parents can be present.

Baptism is a big event in the life of the parish family. We take it seriously and celebrate it with joy.

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