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Following the submission of an audition tape, St. George’s Choir members have recently received word that we have been invited to represent our parish church of St. George’s, Oshawa, by singing five services at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle! What a tremendous honour! This information has allowed us to begin to finalize plans for our tour to Britain beginning at the end of July, 2007. Details are as follows.

We will begin in Windsor where we will sing Friday and Saturday Evensongs, followed by the three services of Matins, Eucharist and Evensong on Sunday. Following the Evensong, we will depart for Salisbury.

In beautiful Salisbury Cathedral, we sing five Evensongs from Monday to Saturday, followed by the three services on Sunday. We also hope to do at least one concert in the cathedral.

We then travel to our accommodation at Bath University for our final three days. During that time, we will be singing a concert and an Evensong at Wells Cathedral as well as a possible concert in Wrington.

As you can see by the itinerary, this undertaking involves a great deal of work, with a large portion of time given to rehearsals, services and concerts. It is a tiring, but wonderful, way for our choristers to really get in touch with their Anglican roots.

In the months to come, I will again do a series of articles for the newsletters to give you more information about the places and cathedrals which we will be visiting in the summer of 2007.

Thank you very much to the members of our parish who have shown their support and care by attending our Evensongs this year. These are a wonderful way for us to prepare for our services in England and it is so gratifying to have an appreciative congregation!

We will be having several Evensongs next year on Saturday afternoons and hope that many of you will be able to attend them. We would really like to hear from congregation members who would be willing to be readers at these services.


We understand that there have been some questions brought forward about what we are fundraising for. We are hoping to have enough funds to pay for the ground transportation in England, and anything raised above that amount will go towards whole group expenses (eg. rehearsal space, bringing our choir gowns “up to snuff”) or necessities decided on by the whole group. (Choir members are responsible for paying for their own air transportation, accommodation and meals and miscellaneous expenses.)

We sincerely hope that all of our parishioners at St. George’s will recognize that we are going to these venues as representatives of our own church family. We wish for you to be proud of us (your choir and thus part of your church family) as we embark on this project. Please support and encourage us during the next year.

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