Christian Education

In order to describe the purpose of a Christian Education in a parish we could borrow the expression that it is “faith seeking understanding”. To seek meaningfully means that we do not have all the answers and that we should certainly not be discouraged to ask questions.

We are really seeking to understand our story and we turn to the Church to see it lived out and to foundational documents- the Christian Scriptures-to do so. The only real value of any of this is that it should result in our living more authentic lifestyles as Christians. Our programmes will not chase an illusion of “orthodoxy”; nor will they result in your feeling that your knowledge of the “facts” makes you a superior Christian. It will not show how you are right and others wrong, nor will it be something of a final exam in order to get into heaven.

Our programmes will reflect the fact that Christian experience happens
1) during our one-on-one time with God;
2) when we share intentionally with likeminded Christians;
3) when we worship together with other Christians.

The Archives are located and displayed in the Archive Room that is located under the Sanctuary. To get to the Archives proceed down the stairs off of the Gallery, and follow the long corridor to the east end and the Archive Room entry is located off of the Choir’s lounge area.

Under the care of the Parish Archivist, Ruth Park and assistant Archivist, Judy Boddy, (2005) the treasures of our past are preserved.

Recent activities included producing the displays for the 80th anniversary of our present church, with displays prepared on the incumbency of each of rectors since 1924.

New storage cupboards and displays were recently added and now showcase our past in an interesting, attractive and user-friendly fashion.

The Archivists are currently engaged in updating the parish history from 1994 to the present.

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