From Cradle to College

Our Nursery is located in the upper parish hall directly beside the Sunday School area. During the 10.00 am service, the Nursery will be supervised and open to children ages 0-6. A story and craft based on the Sunday School curriculum “Seasons of the Spirit” will be available for children of an appropriate age.

First Communion
This programme is intended for children of our parish whose parents are active in the life of the parish and who are prepared to support them in this walk, or children who are already in one or other of our Christian Education programmes.
Age range: 7 to 9 years old
Coordinator: Barb Callery
Curriculum: “Life in the Eucharist”
Frequency: The programme consists of 4 sessions which include the children, their parent/s and a companion assigned to each child. First communion follows as soon as possible after the 4th class. Classes are held when there are sufficient participant requests.
The Programme is designed to help children participate more fully in the Eucharist, to truly get the feel of the “Eucharistic happening” and therefore to live the Christian life. It is leading the child to discover the joy of living in communion with God and the community. The programme promotes an active cooperation between parents, sponsors, children and clergy and lay leaders of the parish community. “Life in the Eucharist” emphasizes the unique role of parents as primary educators of their children.

Confirmation Classes
This programme is also intended for those within the target age group who are supported by parents who attend church or those who have been involved in a Christian Education programme for children or youth of the parish.
Age range: 12 years and older
Coordinator: Fr. Anthony
Curriculum: “This is our Faith”
Timing: Classes will take place Saturdays from 1.00 to 3.00 pm - TBA
This programme provides candidates with a straightforward explanation of what the Church teaches and the way we worship. It guides the candidates to be able to make a commitment not only “to be confirmed” but to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Anglican Church; thereby to become more active in the parish community.

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