It is hoped that, wherever possible, family members will call the Incumbent of the parish when they know a member of the church is dying so that he or she may receive last rites.

Funeral services for practicing members of the church belong at the Church. We recognize, however, that sometimes family members charged with arrangements may make the ones suited to their own convenience or faith practice.

Let your wishes be known long before such times.

Services will only be such as found in any one of the service books of the Anglican Church of Canada.

For (practicing) members the choice is either BCP or BAS. Eucharistic or non-Eucharistic services.

For nominal members the choice is non-Eucharistic BAS or BCP.

Provision is made for Tributes being spoken (sung, played) at the beginning of the liturgy they should last a maximum of 15 minutes (if written, a total of 6 pages double space 8 ½ x 11 between all speakers).

There is usually enough time to meet with the Incumbent to fine tune information for a service bulletin. Funeral directors will give details on fees.

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