Our Ongoing Strengths ...

  • Sunday Service promotes a feeling of warmth and comfort by recognizing and accepting various styles of worship to enable all of us, in our own preferred way, to be ever more faithful.
  • Outreach is effectively leading the parish toward an awareness of, and concern for, the downtown community, and how we may further serve those beyond our doors who are vulnerable.
  • Christian Companions visit and extend pastoral care to those who are vulnerable through age, infirmity or crises.
  • St. George's outstanding Choir and Music Team lead us in hymns and songs to enrich our worship. This gift of music encourages us to reflect the hope, joy and peace of the gospel message.
  • Coffee Hour is a popular gathering following each Sunday Service. This time allows us to share news, update and inform, and enjoy fellowship.
  • Open Door, weekdays, 11:30am - 1:30pm encourages those in downtown Oshawa to enter the church for respite. One may choose to light a candle, offer a prayer, meditate, read or simply view the church.

Looking Forward ...

  • To enhance and extend our present communication practices to more effectively promote the news and work of the parish.
  • To empower our young people to express their faith in worship and to have a voice and meaningful role in the life and leadership of the parish.
  • To encourage PAG (Pre Authorized Giving) and to make our members, on a weekly basis, more aware of our financial picture.
  • To actively pursue an exchange with potential new membership resulting from weddings and baptisms and other ministrations.
  • To strengthen the ministry of hospitality for seekers and visitors.
  • To develop a health ministry that promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit - ultimately leading to a Parish Nurse whose role would be advocacy and education for the entire parish.
  • To devise programs and communications which address the traditions, symbols and rituals of the Anglican Church for seekers and all people on their spiritual journeys.

... Reflecting some of the ideas submitted by the Congregation during our Planning Process.

How We Can Do It ...

  • Our Parish Planning Conference provided an opportunity for an important review of the ministry and mission of our congregation, as we talked about the meaning of the church.
  • Ideas contributed by many members of our church were reported, considered, and given priorities, and the parish has in hand the tentative "Blueprint" for the next three years.
  • The Conference established our Minimum Percentage Goal of 5%, while asking that everyone consider increasing his or her present percentage by at least one additional percentage point.
  • Proportionate-Giving Worksheets are provided to assist members of the church in their consideration of a financial commitment for the coming year.

Step 1: We calculate our present percentage level of financial support;

Step II: We consider increasing this percentage by at least 1 percent, or more.

Step III: If this does not bring us to the Minimum Percentage Goal, or beyond, we consider it also.

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