Worship Services

Sunday (Online only at the current time)

There are two services on Sunday:

8.15am - Holy Eucharist, a 'said' service of worship according to the 1962 Book of Common Prayer

10.00am - Holy Eucharist, a 'sung' service enriched by the parish choir from September to June. The service begins with a selection of praise hymns. The Rite is drawn mainly from the Book of Alternative Services.

Wednesday (Cancelled at the current time)

6.30pm Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer, led by lay people who take turns offering words of reflection and inspiration.

Thursday (Cancelled at the current time)

10.00am Holy Eucharist from the Book of Alternative Services

What to Expect

If you've never been to an Anglican Church, you may wonder how we worship. Sometimes we stand, sometimes we sit, and sometimes we kneel. Sometimes we do it all together and sometimes we do what our bodies are capable of and sometimes we do what is most worshipful for us as individuals. And it's all good! Any posture that helps you to worship is the 'right one'.

Some Basics

The principal weekly worship service is called The Holy Eucharist. In other types of churches, this service is known as The Lord's Supper, Holy Communion, or Mass. The printed bulletin you are handed as you enter the church for the 10 a.m. Sunday Holy Eucharist contains all the words and music we will use during the service and church announcements. The people assembled for worship are called the congregation, and ordained ministers (priests) who lead worship are collectively called the clergy.

What books will we use?

On Sunday at 8:15 a.m. and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. we use the red Book of Common Prayer found in the pews. On Sunday at 10 a.m. the entire service is printed in the bulletin and on Thursday at 10 a.m. we worship in the chapel using a worship booklet available there.

Can I take communion?

At St. George's Church, all baptized Christians who are comfortable doing so, are welcome to receive the bread and wine of communion, no matter what your religious affiliation or background. Those wishing to take communion will be guided by the ushers pew by pew to the altar. When you approach the altar, stand or kneel at the altar rail, place your right hand over your left hand palms up to receive the wafer from the priest. The priest is followed by the chalice bearer and you may then take a sip from the chalice. It is also fine to let the chalice pass you by if you only wish to receive the bread. If you do not feel comfortable receiving communion, you can come forward and receive a blessing from the priest by kneeling or standing at the altar rail and placing your crossed hands on your chest.

Will I have to introduce myself?

Some churches have visitors introduce themselves in front of the entire congregation. No worries, at St. George's you are welcome to come in and sit quietly without having to speak publicly! There is a point during the service that we pass a sign of peace to one another. You are invited to stand and shake hands with those around you, simply saying, "Peace". There is no expectation that you introduce yourself; you are free to remain completely anonymous. We would love to get to know you, however, so please feel free to tell us as much or as little about yourself as you wish.

Do I have to give money?

Visitors may let the offering plate pass by. There is no expectation for you to give money if you visit the church. As the plate comes your way, simply pass it along to the person next to you. If you do wish to give, a small token of a few dollars is completely acceptable to put into the plate.

Come in. The easiest way to see what St. George's is like is to visit. We love visitors and have them all the time; some return and end up becoming regular members of the church; some find another church; some feel that church isn't what they need at that point in their lives. Whatever your background, wherever you are in your walk of faith, come and see what we offer.

The building is often open at various times during the week for private prayer and devotion. You are welcome to come in to pray, look around, enjoy the peace and quiet of our beautiful space, and light a candle.

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