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At St. George’s we recognize the fact that growing demands on personal schedules along with ongoing theological debates in the wider church combine to make the offering of worship an equally evolving assignment. We feel it is important, therefore, to provide for as many types of worship services, while at the same time remaining faithful to the ethos of Anglicanism. It is our hope that all our capacities for sensing, not excluding the intellect, are addressed in our worship services: sight that sees colour, hearing that is delighted by the music, touch, taste and smell.

The building is open at various times during the week for private prayer and devotion. You can walk the labyrinth or you may light a candle.

There are two principal services on Sunday:

8.15am - Holy Eucharist [said except for a hymn at the end of the service] according to the 1962 Book of Common Prayer Rite

10.00am - Holy Eucharist, [led by the parish choir from September to June] The service begins at 10.00am with a selection of praise hymns. The Rite is a modern text drawn mainly from the Book of Alternative service. We have worked hard to combine both elements of traditional and contemporary music in this service. It is at this time on Sundays that we have special liturgies. From time to time the piano accompaniment is supplemented by percussion, keyboard and guitar.


As a parish we are committed to money stewardship as the principal way of supporting our work here. Other literature is available in the church that explains our goals and shows you how you can become involved. We invite each person who receives regular income to start at a commitment of 2 to 3%; and we encourage donations by post dated cheques and/or PAR (pre-authorized remittances from your bank account)

In light of the above, we have few fund raisers and would hope that eventually these funds would go out to help in the wider community.

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